Our Mission


We are a young group of skin-obsessed entrepreneurs. Between us, we have a good deal of prior experience in the beauty industry, but nothing has made us quite as excited as working together at The Pore Vacuum Co.

We aim to provide our customers with products they will feel excited about, and we want our products to turn into can’t-live-without beauty essentials! And we know they will. They’ve changed our skin, they will change yours too!


We are a group of young, skin-obsessed entrepreneurs who struggled to find what we needed to make our skin smooth, shiny. Yes, there’s a ton of amazing skincare products out there but we just felt there was something missing from our skincare routines. So that is when we decided to team up and create our line of beauty products that give us exactly what we need. And what we’re most excited about, is that we’re only just getting started!

Our Pore Vacuum Professional Microdermabrasion Kit is already popular amongst hundreds of girls and guys, so we’re not stopping just yet! We will continue to add to our range to keep up not only with trends, but to outrun the market with the addition of products that our customers will fall in love with.


Our mission is to excel in skincare and beauty. We wanted bright beautiful skin and thanks to our products, it does! And we want yours to be the same. Who doesn’t want radiant, smooth & healthier skin? Our main goal at The Pore Vacuum Co is to give you skin that you feel COMFORTABLE and happy in. We won’t stop until our mission is proven around the globe.